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This month, we feature:

Somebody asked for it, now here it is!


Grenadine Syrup
A Short Appreciation

Americano Cocktail
So chic, so simple, so yes! Let's enjoy one this evening!

Whiskey Sour
So easy to make and so easy to enjoy!

Rob Roy
Surely we'd "lay me doon and dee" for a good drink, but when a classic cocktail is this easy, it's no sacrifice!

A tropical drink of our own invention. Make one and then go watch the grass grow.

Serving Tequila
A few thoughts on offering this most gorgeous of boozes to your guests. Should it be a sacred ceromony or a quick trip down the hatch?

The Cosmopolitan
Guest bartender Tim ("Swanky") Glazner educates us all on the virtues of this relatively new drink and then goes on to offer an exciting new twist that is sure to win fans everywhere.

Mardi Gras Sour
Let us help you prepare for the next big holiday with this original cocktail, freely adapted from the classic Whiskey Sour. It's sure to delight and enchant.

The holidays can be heavy too heavy, so why not lighten your load with this classic and festive drink. The problem with Modern Life is that we simply don't drink enough champagne. Let's correct that!

The Classic Martini
Please just follow our simple instructions and let's not discuss it again!

Advanced Martini Making
OK, let's just discuss it one more time.

Mexican for "downright upright"! This is the delicious punch you drink straight from the bowl with straws. Pray your fellow pleasure pilgrims practice good oral hygiene and jump right in.

The Macombo Cocktail
Sensuous! Mystical! Fresh! Exotic! How else can you describe this lovely libation from Italia? We're sure we don't know!

In Praise of the Gin & Tonic
And you thought it was so simple.

The Macombo Cocktail
A sensational little drink from Bologna

Pink Gin
A quick little "pick-me-up" for today's sophisticated drinker.

Flavored Vodka
We thought "yuck", but we tasted "yowza!"

¡Gracias, Maria! Margarita Cocktail
Try one and you'll be thankful

Top Shelf Manhattan
Bitter is better!

Caffe Shakerato
Make mine esperesso!

In Praise of Seltzer
Water is a good thing.

The Upright & Grand
The sexy egg cream.

The Manhattan
The cocktail everybody likes. And so easy to prepare!

The Margarita
One of the few decent cocktails made with tequila.

Ron-Habanero Dubonnet Helado
A boozy sno-cone.

The Daiquiri
The clean, classic drink of the 1950s.

The White Lady
An unknown favorite.

The Negroni Sbagliato
For when you've graduated to Campari.

The Mojito
Along with Celia Cruz and Montecristo, one of Cuba's best exports.

La Cucaracha

Tigers Milk
An eggnog alternative


The Martini rating System

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5 Martinis = Classic
4 Martinis = Great
3 Martinis = Good
2 Martinis = Fair
1 Martini = Poor


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