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It was a typically hot and humid evening in Provence. We'd been in France for several weeks and we were doing well and feeling rather chic. Our days were spent at various beaches and our nights were spent eating and drinking. This is not a bad situation to find yourself in.

While café side with a friend, we used our tanned finger to point to the cocktail of our choice for the evening. We had quietly taken note that the smarter residents drank Americanos when not indulging in the typical, but ultimately "not our thing" rosé wine. The Americano came with a swizzle stick encrusted with rock candy and it was just the thing to start relaxing after a long day at the beach and still be sharp for an evening of debauched eating.

So, dear readers, we found ourselves looking rather swell in France, sipping an Americano, puffing a luxury length cigarette (these were more naive times for us) and enjoying a chat with a dear friend when we noticed a rather attractive couple pointing at us and smiling. We generously smiled back before returning to our conversation. How chic we were! How devil may care and worldly! How wrong!

The couple came to our table and discreetly as possible in an open air cafe in the heart of Aix-en-Provence on a busy Saturday night advised us that there was a large dollop of grey pigeon poop on our freshly starched white shirt.

"I've never seen that happen before", the femme said. Swell!

We did our best to wipe that offending matter off, but to be honest, we never quite got back in the swing of things that night. And as if fate wanted to make sure we were really an Americano and not a smart Continental sort of person, another bird did his business on our poor shirt as we left the café! It's sad, but all too true.

So it is with this bit of personal history that we offer you, the Americano

1 oz Campari
1 oz red vermouth

Pour over ice ad serve with a swizzle stick.

Top off with a very little bit of soda water.



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Remember- where there's a swill there's a sway!

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