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During the 1980s, we spent a lot of time in the sleepy little town of Saint Helena in the heart of California's Napa Valley. While wine was a key commodity, the scene was hardly the zoo it is today. Now you feel as if you're on the Wine Country Safari ride at Disneyland. In the center of Saint Helena was a little bar, known as the Pastime. It was dingy and dark and much like any little bar in any little town only the Pastime was in the heart of the wine country and its proprietor, Mr. Mac, was a friend to all and understood that real etiquette meant making sure your guests were all as comfortable as possible. And that there was plenty of hooch.

We were old school chums of Mr. Mac's daughters so we often would spend weekends by the pool followed by long slow dinners with grilled chicken (burnt skins, bloody meat), salad and garlic bread. So maybe the food wasn't so divine, but one of the drinks we would enjoy was the Cazuela. The communal drinking bowl was probably a swimming pool for cooties but we were a little less germ-conscious in those days.

In a large shallow bowl, empty a tray of fresh ice. Add one part tequila to three parts Squirt. Add the juice of several limes and oranges. Add the fruit rinds. Pass around straws and pray that your fellow drinkers practice the basic rules of good oral hygiene.



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