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If you were to ask some of our friends, they would tell you that we spend far too much time making life more difficult. Yes, it would be easy enough to open a can of Coco Lopez, but we spied the sale on coconuts at our local grocers, and readers, we just couldn't resist.

Our goal was to make a liquid that would be suitable for mixing with rum. We wanted the coconut flavor and some sweetness, but we didn't want what has been traditionally known as a "girl drink".

We should state that we came by our technique strictly by trial and error. After poking the three "eyes" out of the top of the coconut, we strained the coconut water into a blender. We then took a hammer to the coconut shell and pretended the coconut was a representative of the music industry. Many coconuts are scored now, so whacking is kept to a minimum. We separated the meat from the shell, leaving the brown skin on the meat. We added the chunks (minus a few that found their way into our eager mouth) to the blender and filled up the remaining space with water, leaving about an inch and half from the top. After blending well, we strained through a really tight sieve into a saucepan. Not a pasta strainer, but one with a very tight weave, so that only liquid came through. We then pushed even further with a wooden spoon, getting every last drop of liquid out. We then added about half a cup of sugar to the liquid and gently warmed the nectar for about five minutes.

The resulting "juice" is great. It's exotique, but not too sweet. It's got all the flavor of coconut, but it doesn't taste or feel like a liquid candy bar.
So, for each drink, take a shot of the coconut juice, a shot of strong-flavored rum and just a bit of limejuice. Shake, but don't strain. Pour the whole mess into highball glasses.



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