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Our friends remember not so fondly when we declared "flips" to be the drink of the moment- a direct affront to the "lite" world we were entering in the late 1970s. Oh! If we knew then what we were in for! A flip is a drink with an added raw egg. We invented a very original Parisian Thoroughfare, which consisted of a shot of bourbon, the same of heavy cream, a dash of grenadine and a raw egg. It was about as light as a lead balloon and as tasty as you can imagine.

Cocktail culture has always appealed to us but as we age we realize there's a reason why so few recipes last past a generation or two. Cocktails with odd names and odder ingredients are fun, but let's face it, our time on earth is short and there just isn't room for these bad cocktails. A good cocktail is clean and fresh. It stimulates both appetite and wit. In a perfect world one would be enough. There are enough classic cocktails to keep our senses keen and interested.

the Daiquiri cocktail 

Please don't groan as we mention the daiquiri. There are many variations of ingredients and methods but the root should be rum, lime and sugar. There's a time and place for the frozen, blended daiquiri, but it's not here tonight. There's no place for a banana daiquiri and we'd have to be on a very hot island a long way from home to want a strawberry daiquiri. These days we like them shaken and then strained into cocktail glasses for a chic and refreshing drink.

Take a shot of rum (your choice), a spoonful of sugar or a bit of grenadine syrup and a fresh lime for each drink. Pour into your cocktail shaker with lots of cracked cold ice and give it a good workout. Strain into stemmed glasses.

You can try to dissolve the sugar in a few spoonfuls of rum before preparation as sugar doesn't dissolve well in the cold. If you chose grenadine, be very stingy. We've ruined more than a few rounds by adding too much. Try adding the juice of an orange to a shakerful of four drinks or add a sprig or two of mint before shaking. You can also shake and not strain, serving the drink on the rocks. Unless you are a professional, your creativity should end right there.



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Remember- where there's a swill there's a sway!

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