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We've recently started a health regiment that seriously reduces the amount of booze we enjoy. Don't worry, this will pass as surely as our love of Beanie Babies did. If your drinking is limited, you need to make each drink count. That should be true whether you're on a restricted diet or not. As the weather turns warm and sultry here at the compound, we find ourselves craving gin. The obvious answer would be a martini but a martini is crisp and clear and sharp and frankly, we're in a lazier mood and have wanted something instilled with a little more leisure.

We've had the odd Mint Julep but warm weather and a bucket of ice really call for a gin and tonic. And not the bland mix you get in bars and wedding receptions. We want this drink because we really crave it, not because we can't think of what else to drink.

Someone once said anything made with lemons is better with limes. On a certain level, we must agree. When we make our gin and tonic, we smother a tumbler full of ice cubes with the juice of an entire lime, using our Mexican lime squeezer. The flavor compliments the gin and tartness balances the sweetness of the tonic. Then we pour a good amount of gin into the glass. This is strictly a matter of taste. We doubt that you will be able to tell the difference between brands. We then top this off with tonic water. You want to find a brand that clearly says "contains quinine". This will make your drink authentic and help fight off malaria. To this we now add four (not five) drops of Angostura bitters. This aids digestion and imparts a not unattractive pink hue to our highball. A very quick stir and then we're off to the races.

Suddenly the ordinary is sublime, the common is exclusive and our frown is turned on its head as we slowly start to enjoy these warm summer mornings, er, evenings.



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