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  The Gracias Maria Margarita

If you've been clever enough to take advantage of the many farmers' markets that have sprung up around the country, you've probably noticed that currently the stone fruits are at their best. And the king of these fruits has to be the white peach.

On our last trip to our own farmer's market, we bought several pounds of the gorgeous fruit. The only problem was that all of the peaches were perfectly ripe and even a glutton of our proportions couldn't eat all that goodness before the peaches went bad.

Following our own advise on making fruity tequila, we decided to infuse a bottle of Hornitos with the white peaches. Readers, it was nothing short of wonderful.

Since this type of tequila is best as a cordial, we couldn't enjoy it as often as we would have liked. To solve this, we used the flavored tequila in a Margarita and again, the effect was perfect, especially if you're enjoying Indian Summer weather and you have a nice view.

Gracias, Maria Margarita Cocktail

In a very clean jar, pour in some 100% agave tequila. It doesn't have to be the finest quality but it should be all agave. Cut up the flesh of a white peach and add it to the jar. If the peaches are less than perfect, you can add a little sugar. Close the jar, agitate and let rest. Continue to gently shake daily for a week or two. The quantity of tequila to peaches is your call.

In a shaker, place two parts white peach tequila to one part triple sec. Add the juice of one lime per drink. Shake like mad with ice and then pour all the contents, including ice, into chilled glasses. Alternately, you can strain the potion into chilled, stemmed cocktail glasses for a fancier version. Personally, we like the small bits of peach flesh mingling with our drink.



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