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What a fine time we've been having in Mexico these days! On a recent jaunt to New Spain, we found ourselves in a rather swell cantina in Puerto Vallarta that featured the ubiquitous drag show, but rather than the usual lip-synching to a popular ranchera, this show featured a fellow costumed as artist Frida Kahlo, dressed  in the purest of whites and donning 6 foot angel wings, completely filling the stage. It was a real vision.

Across the bar we noticed a rather elegant transvestite (or vestida) drinking something on fire with a straw. Being curious, we asked her what she was el rapto stampconsuming and she replied, "ˇLa Cucaracha!" She obliged when we offered to buy her one if she'd order for us. "O.K., but you must only drink four of these and no more!", she said as she looked to the heavens, indicating where we would go if we didn't heed her warning. Well, we passed a wonderful evening, becoming close friends with each other and with all our neighbors at the bar as the official limit was raised from four to five and then we stopped counting.

We normally don't go for these gimmicky drinks but there is something to be said for drama.  We decribed the drink to a dear friend who had just returned from Isla Mujeres and she said the beverage had been used by a local to seduce her into submissive passion, only there it as called a Mayan Sacrifice.

La Cucaracha text

la patria stampIn a brandy snifter, pour equal parts tequila, cointreau (or any triple sec) and Kalhua. Mix and set on fire (preferably with a cheap red Bic lighter). Serve with a straw and consume in one go, preferrably with a crowd hooting and laughing to cheer you on.

There is a lot of sugar in this drink and sugar is a hangover's best friend. You feel the effects if you overdo it. But it's such a lovely night…




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