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The Macombo Cocktail

Many fine folks keep a diary or a dream journal. We keep a cocktail notebook. Especially when we travel and experience firsthand America's legacy of mixed drinks on foreign soil. On the rare night when a Martini, Manhattan or Daiquiri fails to inspire, we turn to this book of memories and wistfully think back to better times.

This month's memory is from an entry in our cocktail book dated May, the 31st, 1988. We were in the lovely Italian town of Bologna with our cherished Mater, waiting for the dinner hour so that we could discover yet another way to incorporate heavy cream into an entree. Bologna is quite well known for its rather rich and hedonistic way with food. Quite by chance we stumbled upon a chic little spot called Cafe Macombo, where we enjoyed the following little aperitif. The barista refused to share his recipe, claiming it an exclusive secret. We slyly ordered another round to watch him make his precious potion and then another still, just to make sure we got the ingredients just right. All in the name of Mixology!

To make a Macombo, place in a shaker, loaded with fresh ice:
1 pony (or ounce) Triple Sec
1 pony Aperol ( a fine Italian citrus aperitivo, rather low proof)
1 jigger (an ounce and a half) Rum

Shake and strain into stemmed cocktail glasses. Top off with a float of Prosecco or Champagne. A thin orange twist would be nice.



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