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It's cocktail time down south...With Mardi Gras just around the corner (well, maybe around the block), we thought we find a use for the huge bottle of Falernum we have sitting by the bar. Falernum is a sweetener from Barbados distributed in the United States by the Sazerac institution of New Orleans. To sample its aroma is to be reminded of orgeat syrup, but to taste it is to enter into an exotic chamber of Caribbean delights. Not quite, but it is awfully tasty!

We noodled around with the original Whiskey Sour recipe and came up with this enchanting mood enhancer. We found our bottle of Falernum in a local spirit shop so we don't imagine it would be much trouble to locate, but if it is, substitute orgeat syrup and increase the amount of citrus.

Mardi Gras Sour

1 jigger best bourbon
1 half pony Falernum syrup
juice of half a lemon

Place all ingredients in a shaker with lots of fresh ice, go to town like Tito Puente and strain into chilled cocktail glasses.



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Remember- where there's a swill there's a sway!

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