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The Secrets of a Dry Martini

Lovely Martini DancersBefore leaving for the office, place the best gin your paycheck allows in the icebox, along with a bottle of Noilly Prat or other fine vermouth. A glass pitcher and stemmed glasses should rest in the freezer compartment. Why not make fresh ice while you're in there?

Upon your return home, put some Henry Mancini on the Hi-Fi and fill up the pitcher with ice. Pour about a capful of vermouth over the ice and coat well with an iced tea spoon, or better, yet a glass stirring rod.

Place your cocktail strainer (or a wooden spoon in a pinch) over the pitcher and strain. The old vermouth goes down the sink.

Now pour in your gin. Stir gently but briskly. Rough treatment might excite you but it bruises a dry martini. Taste is not affected but since a martini is a treat for all of the senses we feel the eyes should be let in on the fun.

If you notice, our ice is melting. Quick! Strain the nectar into stemmed cocktail glasses. Garnish with lemon, olive, onion or serve au natural. Check for unsighlty and diluting specks of ice and serve.

Note: There is no such thing as a vodka martini. There may be a vodka/vermouth drink that you enjoy but it is NOT a martini.

Thank you for your very kind attention.



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