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Our friend Maurizio Stochetto and his family have perhaps the most famous and certainly the best cocktail bar in all of Milano, Italy, Bar Basso. They also have some original drinks that warrant repeat visits. One of these is a twist on the old favorite, The Negroni. While making a Negroni for a customer one night, a barista at Bar Basso grabbed the spumante bottle instead if the gin by mistake (hence sbagliato) and history was made. Because sharing feels so right for the 90s, we offer you the original receipt for a Negroni Sbalgiato, courtesy of the world famous Bar Basso!

Negroni Sbagliato 

2 oz Spumante (or champagne)
1 oz red vermouth
1 oz Campari
1 slice orange for garnish
Stir well over ice in a balloon-size wine glass.

Sbagliato mean mistake more or less and it is pronounced "spal-yacht-oh" more or less. Please visit Bar Basso on your next visit to Milano and tell Maurizio that MrLucky sent you!
Bar Basso, Via Plinio, 39, Milano,Tel: 20.05.80




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