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  Think Pink
In the spring of 1981 we found ourselves at the fine age of 21 and enjoying our first trip to London. To say we were overjoyed and overwhelmed is not an overstatement. From the life and music of Noel Coward to the Earl Grey tea, we were infatuated with all that is England, and all that is London in particular.

After a day of sightseeing and shopping, we found ourselves in a West End pub, ready to soak in as much atmosphere as possible. We remembered reading about Pink Gin and we were thrilled that we'd soon be speaking with a bartender who actually knew what Pink Gin was. The only problem is that we couldn't remember the name Pink Gin. So we meekly asked for a "gin and bitters.". The bartender nodded and we felt pretty pleased with ourselves. Maybe he mistook us as English! The bartender returned with a thimbleful of gin and a glass of beer. Our heart sank. Beer? Noel Coward would never have this combination! We drank it anyway, or at least some of it, as when we went to check our watch for an imaginary appointment, we spilled most of the beer over the "bloke" standing next to us. So much for our English debut.

Pink Gin

The main reason we bring up Pink Gin is that so many of us think of gin as a summer drink. What a shame! Don't let another day pass with a little juniper berry pick-me-up. Take a shot glass and shake several measures of Angostura bitters into the glass. Roll the liquid all around, covering as much territory as you can. Pour the excess down the sink. Now fill the shot glass with your best gin. Sip.



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