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Life provides many trials and tribulations and we suppose the whole point of aging gracefully is to choose one's battles. Our youth was a constant struggle to win people over from the common to the swell. While our peers were dancing away to the then-popular Michael Jackson (is he still around?), we were trying to convince them that Louis Prima was almost as good. Hearing the word cummerbund pronounced cumberbund was like a knife piercing our flesh. Martinis on the rocks, ladies wearing hats to dances, the rock group Kiss: It was indeed a troubled youth. We were swimming upstream and most of contemporary popular culture offended rather than excited us. If we'd foreseen the advent of the vodka martini we really would have been a prime contender for pschycoanalysis, but even our imagination isn't that vivid!

We pick and choose our new battles with extreme care as we know we are always sure to offend somebody somewhere. What used to be a crusade is now a private pleasure. We only hope in sharing our thoughts, your life will be slightly enriched In our book, the water we drink is just about as important as the air we breathe, but like air, we tend not to give much thought to the subject.

Are you paying for big litre bottles of generic soda water and then lugging them back and forth from the supermarket to the recycling center? Are you missing out on your six eight-ounce glasses of water a day because water is so boring? When was the last time you had a seltzer fight in silk pajamas? The unexamined life is a sad life, indeed!

Off and on for ten years or more we've had seltzer water delivered to our door. There is nothing more civil, convenient or fancy imaginable. Still water, from the tap or bottles, is frankly a bit of a yawn but a tall glass of cold aqua con gas, without ice, is a real treat. The price seems to be about 45 cents above the store-bought Calistoga variety (although we've seen Calistoga sold for even more, plus the recycling deposit we never re-deem), but this seems a small nuisance compared to the perfect level of carbon-ation we receive and the convenience of home delivery.

Our seltzer company of choice, The Seltzer Sisters (8oo-WATER-55 or email seltzerman@home.com) will insist on telling you that the water is purified of all those nasty things we keep finding in our public drinking water and how healthy seltzer water is compared to this and that. We smile and wait for them to finish so they we can pour a scotch and soda. The fact is that the carbonation is perfect, somewhere between the bombastic Calistoga and the too subtle Italian waters in vogue these days (Actually the water has more carbonation but the salt in Calistoga makes it seem so overbearing.) You must keep it refrigerated so it's perfectly cold, making ice useless and diluting. A standard American highball will taste off and watery after you get used to a scotch and a splash (of seltzer).

We strongly recommend the Seltzer Sisters if you live anywhere near the Bay Area. They have snappy delivery and syrups to boot, if you are in the egg cream habit. We imagine many other metropolitan areas have a similar service. If not, consider a move to San Francisco.



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