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Serving Tequila
The tequila is ready....

During the 1970s, many adults we knew would keep a bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold in the freezer. At party time, they'd crank up the Boz Skaggs tunes, roll the joints and crack open the bottle of Cuervo. For years, we, along with many of the grown-ups, thought Cuervo Gold was the standard bearer in tequila. Readers, these were simpler times. We survived the era but remain confused why the youth of today would want to emulate it in any way, but that's another story.

It turns out Dad and his friends were right about keeping the Cuervo in the freezer. The chilling helps kill the awful taste. Father learned to like better tequila as time progressed, but he still oddly clung to the habit of serving it on ice. And party time always meant Boz Skaggs.

We have no better example on how to drink tequila than that of our own neighbors, the Mexicans. Since they invented the drink, they should know how to enjoy it! When being served tequila in sunny Mexico, you'll notice the beverage is never cold. Bottles of icy cold beer are often nearby, as are limes and salt.

When we serve tequila, we put the bottle, shot glasses (known as Caribbean Cordials), a cellar of salt and a small bowl of freshly cut limes on some sort of tray so the party can be portable as well as potable. Someone will always ask what order they should take. Another one will make a big show of sucking the fat of his palm between the thumb and index finger and adding salt. We like to follow Ethel Merman's advice when she claims to be "Doin' What Comes Naturally". We salt the lime directly, take a hit and then drink the tequila. There is no law that says you must slam the shot in one go but it can be fun. If you want to suck your own hand, be our guest. If you don't want any lime or salt, that's fine, too.

You may also want to follow the lead of the Mexicans and keep some quality beer nearby, or your guests will finish your bottle of tequila in no time. We've noticed the price of tequila has recently gone through the roof. Hornitos, which used to be a fine, boring $17 bottle of 100% agave tequila is now $27 after an aggressive marketing campaign. We say it's not worth it, and at that price, you can get the more interesting Herradura. Keep in mind that you must buy only 100% agave tequila and after that, it's often just a question of taste. We're liking Don Eduardo these days, despite the $48 price tag.




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