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holly1When we were living in Milano and performing weekly on a live radio broadcast, one of the highlights of each show was when we would demonstrate American-style cocktails for the Italian listening audience. Even common cocktails like the Martini and Manhattan were considered exotic by the Italians who came to appreciate our recipes almost as much as the other worthwhile American imports: cowboys, jazz and peanut butter!

Buon NataleBeing live, the show wreaked havoc on our tender nerves. Often we would beg our producer to feature the cocktail almost immediately upon transmission as a way to deal with our "stage fright". Unfortunately the answer was almost always "no", so we would sneak a little taste throughout the show without the producer realizing our actions. It made for a peppy broadcast and our Italian certainly improved.

We've made countless cocktails on the air over the years but the most popular must have been the Tigers Milk. It's sweet, thick, nourishing and rich, yet it compares positively to the traditional holiday Eggnog, which is nice indeed, but the original recipe is too tedious even for MrLucky. Our version comes from the oft-quoted book, The Gentleman's Companion by the late Charles H. Baker, of Town and Country , long before the magazine became an excuse for perfume ads.

Tigers Milk
In a cocktail shaker, place two and a half jiggers of the best brandy, one half cup heavy cream , one half cup of regular whole milk and two teaspoons of fine sugar. Shake with crackholly2ed ice and strain into large stemmed glasses.

You may experiment with the cream and milk ratio only after you've tried the real thing. This is not a drink for the fainthearted. It's quite wonderful and we bet you'll find yourself making a second round. Chas Baker suggests an option of cinnamon or nutmeg, but notes this is not quite authentic.




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