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After you've bookmarked MrLucky in your web browser, why not visit one of these  other web sites that are of interest to MrLucky readers?

Lucky Links

Artists and Personalities

Dame Edna Everage
We often hear that Yanks just don't "get" Dame Edna but we think this is a lot of possum pie. The bigger problem is the media doesn't know how to market Barry Humphries, the actor who portrays the housewife/superstar. Even if you don't get the difference between Sydney and Melbourne, don't care for men dressed as women, or miss the fact that virtually every word out of Edna's mouth is a put down of someone else in order to bolster her own self-image, Dame Edna is still incredibly funny.

The Noel Coward Society
Noel Coward is the most underrated of 20th century personalities. This site is a great tribute chock full of content about The Master.

The Bell Sisters
Let's be honest: This is a site that has intrigued us for months but we haven't taken the time to really dig deep. Please go and discover the Bell Sisters. We'll be right behind you!

Bobby Darin
Despite our tepid review of the recent DVD, Mack Is Back, we think the world of Bobby Darin, especially his tuxedo period.

The Rosemary Clooney Palladium
She's hardly our favorite singer, but we remain in the minority.

The Peggy Lee Fan Page
It's a great mystery why the Lounge movement hasn't declared Miss Lee a cultural icon. Who could possibly be cooler? Here is her well-deserved home page with just enough details and great photos to put it on our "must-see" list.

The Yma Sumac Website
After you read our reviews of the Yma Sumac reissues, why not learn more about this lovely songbird?

Cantaloupe Music
Cantaloupe Music is a booking agency for live Brazilian music of all types -- bossa nova, MPB, samba, pagode, jazz, choro, axé, carnival ­ small to large ensembles, with and without vocalists, for performances, festivals, public and private events, featuring top level musicians in every category. Web site includes many music samples of artists available. Also special requests, consultation and advice.

The Duke Ellington Website
Like the Ella site listed below, an excellent and beautiful resource.

It's only right that Frank Sinatra should be honored with really one of the best looking sites on the net. Attractive, quick-loading and fun: blues-eyes.com has it all. Even if you have only a passing interest in Sinatra, you owe it to yourself to take a look.

Ella Fitzgerald
Aside from being a fitting salute, the site is gorgeous with great graphics that don't  take forever to download and there's a fine article by Will  Freidwald. This site was AWOL for awhile but now it happily has a home.

The Unofficial Ethel Merman Homepage
Our own simple yet moving tribute to the mouth that roared.

Cocktails and Drinks

Ziggy's Martini
There's so much martini crap around the ‘net it's enough to drive one to drink. Here is a site that bucks the bland trend with interesting discussions and theories. Unlike MrLucky, who tends to speak in absolutes, this site is thought-provoking and educational without being pedantic.

HotWired's Cocktail
MrLucky must have been separated at birth from resident alchemist, Paul Harrington.  Sound advice and super-fancy graphics. Don't bother to buy a cocktail book, just visit this  site.

Cocktail Time
Lots of interesting lore and solid information.

Radio and Webcasts

Our dear friend at WABY help produce our own popular webcast, so obviously we want to guide you to their wonderful site that features a live webcast and lots of specialty shows, including ours!

Luxuria Music
The Lounge Nation grows up! There's no easy way to describe this station and site, so we won't. We think you'll like it!

Martinis With Mancini
Join Domenic Ciccone on WJUL 91.5 FM on Fridays from 6-9 AM est. There is a webcast but we've never been awake early to enjoy the show. But judging from the playlists and Mr. Ciccone's breezy style, we are happy to recommend it anyway.

Club Velvet
Previously we mentioned that the Real Audio broadcasts from Club Velvet are reason alone to justify the existence of the Internet. It's still true.

Online Magazines

All About Jazz
A friendly and refreshing site dedicated to jazz. The lack of attitude and clean graphics are a rarity.

Tiki News
The web version of the seminal Tiki rag. Make sure you subscribe while you're visiting!

This used to be one of our favorite sites but it seems it all was just too overwhelming. Cruise the archives and remember the good old days of the Internet.

Latin Music Online
Absolutely essential for salseros and salseras with new and vintage Latin music advice.
The club info will make you want to live in New York.

Space Age Bachelor Pad Music
The bible for space age pop and the like. We have problems with their vodka martini contest  but we like Steve and Eydie, so everyone's allowed one mistake.

Vibe Online
We like this site, a fact that probably will horrify the Vibe staff.

Having a wonderful time! Wish you were here!

Ask Miss Hane
Wise, witty, warm and wonderful. Ask her anything! But don't expect an answer back. Archives only.

Vik Trola's Lounge Of Self Indulgence
Just go, it's worth it! Archives of a fun site that we used to count on.

Beats, coffee, jazz, cigarettes and comics.


Fog City
Seminal acid jazz / funk producers, Fog City Productions, showcase their wares in a typically grand manner.

Internet Underground Music Archive
Helps explain why some musicians are professionals and others are amateurs but once in a  blue moon you'll discover a real talent. Alluring graphics and interface.

We confess that we drool when we visit Descarga. So many great titles and wonderful articles on Latin music make this an essential stop for your browser.

Portals and Directories

Now the Swing kids have a place of their own! Very comprehensive and you just might want to go out dancing.

World Wide Jazz Web
A fancy international view of jazz


The Mentos FAQ
We were going through our old "bookmarks" and "favorites" in our browsers and we're a little sad to note that so many sites that we've loved have gone away. You may not know this, but the web at one point was full of information, not ads! Anyway, we were thrilled and almost touched to discover the Mentos page is still up and running, especially now that the ad campaign has changed.

Getting Linked

In these days of bland websites, we're always interested in hearing about interesting new places to visit. Please send us your suggestions but keep in mind that we have exacting, yet arbitrary standards that we must adhere to. If your site features music that starts without us asking (MIDI or wave!), uses frames for no apparent reason, is strictly a commercial site with no other resources of interest, or just doesn't strike our fancy, we probably won't list it. We're not nasty about this, but we really need a compelling reason to add you to our bookmarks beyond a request.



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