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Steve Sando
Editor, Writer, Webmaster, et al

Steve Sando (shown here mastering a rare and sacred "yoga" position) is a manic collector of music, clever friends and Mexican religious artifacts. He believes life should be carefree and exciting. In addition to producing MrLucky, he runs a record label, produces radio shows for broadcast in Italy and is a frequent guest lecturer at Stanford University on Italian popular music.

This photo is very old.

Steve Sando


David Weiner
Contributor (Music Reviews)

David J. Weiner is a San Francisco-based freelance writer, record producer and public relations consultant. He has produced many CDs and written liner notes for Stash Records, Rhino Records and 21st Century Music, among others, and has assisted Rhino and Soundies with new release compilations. He has also edited editions of The Video Source Book and The Video Hound Golden Movie Retriever for Gale Research.

A voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts &
Sciences, Weiner also works on one of the crafts committees which determine Grammy Awards nominees. He is also a judge for the Association for Independent Music's INDIE Awards. In 1983, he co-founded Miller/Weiner Communications.

David began his career as a jazz disk jockey at WRHU-FM and
WFUV-FM in New York, hosting the award-winning "The Swing
Years" radio series.

Ira Carter
Contributor (Music Reviews)

On the night Ira was born, the Moon burned a fire red. A Gypsy woman told his momma, before he was born, "You got a boy-child comin', gonna be a son-of-a-gun. Gonna make these pretty women, jump and shout And the world's gonna know, what it's all about."

Ira grew up in northern Florida in the Southern Baptist faith and escaped when it became economically feasible. He avoided adult responsibility as long as humanly possible before settling down in the tech industry. That
currently looks like a really stupid bet, but he's hoping for better in the future.

He occasionally deejays on "In the Soul Kitchen" Tuesday night from 8-10pm on KUSF, 90.3 in San Francisco, which also netcasts via www.kusf.org. He currently resides in California's Wine Country with his voluminous record collection, okra patch, and pet alligator.

Jayne Ogrodnik
Copy Editor

Jayne is a freelance copy editor who is much too nice. She swims in the freezing San Francisco Bay, plays sports and is amazingly well-adjusted,  all at odds with the rest of the MrLucky staff. Seen here not with a new fur for the winter but her pet rabbit, Snoodles.

Jayne Ogrodnik

Peter Wagenaar
Contributor (Music Reviews)

Peter Wagenaar lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, the city with the highest crime rate in the world. When he isn't rubbing shoulders with car thieves and other similarly interesting people, he works as editor/writer of a trade publication for the local furniture and appliance industry and in his leisure time enjoys travelling to safe places like Paris and New York. Some people consider his fascination with pre-rock jazz and pop singers to be seriously disturbing and a cry for help.

Peter Wagenaar

Tim Glazner a.k.a. Swanky
Contributor (Cocktails)

Tim is a full time computer consultant and part time photographer, weight trainer, vintage collector, swing dancer, artist, carpenter, father, writer, etc. Current hot irons in the fire are making a fabulous bamboo and rattan bar complete with built in micro-fridge, learning Flash to go full bore on his retro web project to be seen at Swankpad.org, and trying to organize a monthly Lounge/Exotica themed party.

Tim Glazner

Peter Mintun
Contributor (Music)

Mr. Mintun is a piano player, singer and music historian. When he isn't holding court at New York's Bemmelman's Bar in the historic Carlyle Hotel, he is recording his acclaimed compact discs, rubbing elbows at the Ritz or helping to class up MrLucky. You'd be wise to visit his website.

Peter Mintun

Robert Long
Contributor (Music)

Music has been a Leitmotif of Bob Long's varied career in radio, recording, publishing, and photography. He has been on the mastheads of several hi-fi publications, including High Fidelity and Audio -- often on the technical end of things, though his freelance writing for magazines and newspapers has included extensive reviews of LPs, CDs, and live performances. A native of Montreal but the only Canadian in his family, he divides his time between Toronto and rural Massachusetts.

Robert Long



Beth LaDove
Contributor (Cocktail Party and Cocktials)

Beth LaDove claims to have been hiding in the bathroom the day healthfood came into style. She is one of the rare native Californians who has no fear of a fatty piece of pork (or any other animal fat for that matter). Beth is also the founder and owner of ellipsis productions, publishers of Patio, a new online home-oriented lifestyle magazine.

Beth LaDove





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