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The Lucky 7 Cocktails

Our favorite liquids of the moment would be:

  1. A dry martini
  2. Lime Rickey
  3. Peach Tequila
  4. Jamaica (or hibiscus flower) agua fresca
  5. Don Eduardo tequila
  6. Spring water, a jug a day!
  7. A dry martini.

 The Lucky 7 Platters

Our top seven favorite platters of the moment in no particular order are:

  1. Louise Massey & the Westerners. This is a collection we made from 78s in our collection.
  2. Spadella!, Columbia's Spade Cooley collection.
  3. World collection Mondo Platinum is a lot of fun.
  4. Broadway Rhythm by Carrol Gibbons and the Savoy Hotel Orpheans.
  5. Jack Nitzsche's Three Piece Suit. Weird, compelling but ultimately flawed.
  6. Tulare Dust: A Songwriter's Tribute to Merle Haggard.
  7. Sing Along With Los Straitjackets. Good idea but we prefer Los Straitjackets pure and powerful.

The Lucky 7 Things Everyone Should Know
  1. gin plus vermouth equals...A clear, crisp martini is always appropriate.
  2. "Pita Bread" is redundant. Pita means bread.
  3. Beet tops are edible.
  4. Despite what the television commercials will say, Dell Computers has absolutely horrible customer service. Tell a friend.
  5. Big record labels are stupid.
  6. One never buys presents for their bosses. It might appear as if you were trying to buy their favor.
  7. Most bosses do not know about number 6.

Thank you for your very kind attention


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