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Boasting is rather unattractive so we'll let others do the dirty work:

Snap!OnlineSnap! Online:
This swank online spin-off of the monthly mag holds sway with the retro-swing/cocktail nation. Whether you're looking for an overview of this subculture or need the low-down on various musicians and, well, cocktails, Mr. Lucky is indispensable.

MSNMicrosoft Network:
"It doesn't get much better than this.  Listen up to MrLucky's reviews of jazz and Latin recordings while you sip his latest cocktail concoction."

Point Survey Top 5% of the Internet:Top 5% of the Internet
This "quarterly musical communique" is a delightful  celebration of jazz and cocktails.  (Martinis obviously play a key role in appreciation of The Beau Hunks Play The Original Little Rascals Music.) In MrLucky's cruiser, the Featured Cocktail (make that a "Ron Habanero  Dubonnet Helado") rides shotgun with a review of Edie Gorme y Trios Los Panchos.  "Listening to only one type of music is like eating grape Pop Tarts for breakfast each  and every morning," writes the Webmaster, who stocks this bar with "jazz-centric" variety  from Afropop to Zouk. Henry Mancini's on the hi-fi, and stemmed glasses are chilling in  the freezer here
... so why aren't you at MrLucky's?"

Yahoo Unplugged:Yahoo
"Good music-mostly jazz, Latin and vocals in this case- and good booze. Essential elements in MrLucky's world. Good music reviews and excellent drink recipes.  A fine combination."

Magellan Internet Guide:Magellan
"The popular retro communiqué- retro as in 1940s and 1950s, not neo-retro 1970s- offers a lighthearted sampling of their print version at the MrLucky Website. The focus here is on jazz, vocals and Latin music reviews; they are numerous and humorous, without losing regard for the music at hand. The other primary subject is cocktail recipes; they are numerous, humorous, and hopefully delicious. The contents of the most recent issue are included as well. Even though it lacks the longer features of the print version, MrLucky's page is witty and well designed."

"The name alone may generate some snickering and some boasting by some men out there, but those who know, know better. MrLucky is not a ‘zine, but a quarterly musical communiqué celebrating music of a ‘jazz-centric' nature'. True to its words, it serves up a healthy dose of "jazz, Latin, vintage sounds, vocals...." and it even serves up cocktail recipes,  Kind of like HotWired but without the arrogance."

WiReD Magazine:Hotwired
Are You Feeling Lucky?

You know what lucky is? Lucky is having a pal who's a lot more cultured than your own white-bread ass so you can get hip to a lot of cool stuff without having to spend the time it takes to get that way in the first lace. You know who Lucky is? That's Steve Sando-Mr. Lucky himself.

Mr. LUCKY is a sophisticated guy in the San Francisco Bay area who lives every hour of his day in pursuit of two things- the heppest music on the planet and the best booze he can lay his hands on. Mister LUCKY is a zine he publishes every month to hip us all to the latest and finest in suave music and debonair drinks. Apparently, he has no real life to speak of, but that's good for you and me, because by reading his right-on music and hootch reviews, we go straight to being cool and keep a real life to boot.

CD's really took a bite out of musical experimentation for most people. Who wants to take a chance when they cost 17 bucks a pop? That's where Mister LUCKY comes in. Sando flexes his lifetime's worth of record collecting and packs each issue with a good two dozen solid recommendations of what he calls "jazz-centric" music. Jazz-centric covers everything from early American jazz and bob to classic Brazilian music to blues to Keely Smith to basically everything that's too cool for just anyone to be up on. I know a fair amount about music, but I copped a load of serious CD's from leafing through a few Mister LUCKYs, and so far, I haven't bought one dud on Sando's picks. I'm usually of the view that anyone who calls himself a music critic should be pummeled with a tube sock full of dung, but Sando knows what he's talking about. Thirty bucks for a year of Mister LUCKY is money extremely well spent. And I've got to say, Sando's educated witty, and downright friendly writing is a welcome relief from the usual bitter-loser-with a Kinko's-card mentality most zines seem to suffer from these days.

Written for those who would define the perfect state as "listening to great tunes while expensive and delicious alcohol drifts through your bloodstream, " Mister LUCKY is the drinking person's guide to fine music.
--Corey Greenberg
(Wired Magazine 3.07, July 1995)


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